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The Power of GAFAM on Our Privacy: A Bewildering Experience Through Requesting Our Data from TikTok and Instagram.

The web giants are known to possess an impressive amount of personal data on their users, but knowing exactly what they have recorded about us can be a bewildering experience. In January 2023, UFC Que Choisir launched a platform allowing internet users to request a copy of their data from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Google, as well as to delete information deemed too sensitive.

Journal du Geek tested the platform by requesting a copy of their data from TikTok and Instagram, and the results are astonishing. TikTok knows everything about us, from our login history to our browsing habits. The application also knows the IP addresses used, the model of smartphone we use, the mobile operator, and the Android version used.

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As for Instagram, it knows the accounts with which we interact regularly, those on which we spend the most time, our advertising history, as well as our precise engagement rate. In addition to all of this, Instagram also has a complete copy of our last private messages sent and received from our account.

The amount of data accumulated by these platforms is impressive and can raise concerns about our privacy. However, it is important to understand that we have agreed to share this information with private companies when we opened an account and used these applications. It is therefore crucial to become aware of the power of GAFAM and their impact on our daily lives. By using platforms like that of UFC Que Choisir, we can begin to regain control of our online privacy.

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