Web Analytics and GDPR Compliance: How Website Hosts Can Adhere in France

Web Analytics and GDPR Compliance: How Website Hosts Can Adhere in France


Web Analytics and GDPR, CNIL’s Position: Website hosts using audience measurement tools may inadvertently transfer personal data to entities or countries non-compliant with GDPR standards. A practical solution to avoid these transfers is the use of a properly configured proxy, a practice recognized for enhancing personal data protection.

These tools, subject to the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive, often transfer data outside the EEA to countries offering insufficient protection. Since July 10, 2023, thanks to the EU-USA data protection agreement (‘Data Privacy Framework’), transfers to certified American entities have been facilitated. For non-certified entities, proxying remains essential. Merely modifying IP address processing or encrypting identifiers generated by the tools is not enough to preserve privacy, as servers can still obtain information leading to user reidentification. The optimal solution is to prevent any direct contact between the user’s terminal and the data processing servers.

Web Analytics and GDPR Compliance

A proxy server can be used to avoid this contact, but it must meet certain criteria to comply with the EDPB’s recommendations of June 18, 2021. These criteria include pseudonymizing data before exporting it, ensuring no reidentification is possible even by authorities with significant means.

Implementing these measures can be costly and complex, not always meeting operational needs. An alternative is to use a solution that does not involve data transfers outside the EU. For effective proxying, the server must limit transferred data, including no IP address transfer, replacement of the user identifier, removal of information that could lead to reidentification, and ensuring that processed data will not be transferred outside the EU.

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