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AccueilRight of access under GDPRRetrieve the OneDrive of an employee who has left the company.

Retrieve the OneDrive of an employee who has left the company.

Retrieving a former employee’s OneDrive : It is possible that a departing employee’s access to OneDrive is protected by security measures such as access codes or sharing restrictions. In this case, it is important to follow the company’s internal procedure to safely and legally retrieve the data.

Additionally, even if OneDrive only contains professional documents, it is important to respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information. Companies are required to protect their employees’ personal data as well as confidential information related to the company.

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In general, to access an employee’s professional OneDrive, it is recommended to obtain the employee’s agreement or follow an internal procedure approved by the company and compliant with applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Establishing a Procedure for Employee Departure

Here is a general procedure that you can follow to manage the departure of an employee and retrieve files, keys, and access:

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  • Inform the employee of the date of departure and ask them to provide all keys, access badges, and other company-owned tools. If files have been saved on personal storage media or OneDrive, also ask the employee to provide a copy of professional files.
  • Ask the employee to provide an inventory of all company-owned tools and equipment they keep, as well as professional files stored on external hard drives or personal storage media.
  • Ensure that the return of tools and equipment is documented and provide a signed copy of the inventory to the employee. This will clarify responsibilities and avoid future disputes.
  • If the company uses an access badge or code system to control access to facilities, ensure that the employee’s access is disabled before departure.
  • If the employee has access to online accounts or services such as email accounts, social media accounts, or professional OneDrive, update passwords and change permissions to prevent unauthorized access after their departure.
  • If professional files are stored on OneDrive, ask the employee to transfer the professional files to another OneDrive account or provide a copy of the files on external storage media.
  • Ensure that all confidential and private company information has been removed from the employee’s computer or mobile device.
  • Check that all contractual and legal obligations have been met before the employee leaves.

By following these steps, you should be able to manage the departure of an employee and retrieve files, keys, and access safely and efficiently. These are only examples.

Retrieving an Employee’s OneDrive

Here is a general procedure that you can follow to retrieve professional information from an employee’s OneDrive who is leaving the company:

  • First, it is important to check the company’s data storage, privacy, and data protection policies. This may include policies on intellectual property, confidentiality agreements, or other relevant documents.
  • Inform the employee of the data retrieval process before departure, if possible. If the employee agrees to give you access to their data, be sure to document this agreement in writing.
  • Before retrieving the data, determine which information is necessary and which is not. You can also determine access rights to information based on roles or levels of confidentiality.
  • Identify important files on the employee’s OneDrive, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or multimedia files. Also, check shared folders and files that have been shared with others.
  • Ensure that you have administrative access to the employee’s OneDrive account. If you do not have administrative access, you can seek the help of the company’s IT department to obtain this access.
  • Retrieve the data using the OneDrive web interface or using a third-party data backup tool. It is important to keep a copy of the retrieved data on a secure storage medium.
  • Remove unnecessary data from the employee’s computer using an effective and secure data uninstallation procedure.
  • Document the data retrieval procedure, including permissions granted by the employee and the files retrieved.

By following these steps, you should be able to retrieve important professional information from an employee’s OneDrive who is leaving the company in a legal and ethical manner.

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