Sunday, June 4, 2023
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AccueilData BreachPepsi Bottling Ventures LLC suffered a data breach.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC suffered a data breach.

Cette violation de données chez Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC est un exemple clair de l'importance de la cybersécurité pour les entreprises de toutes tailles. Les entreprises doivent prendre des mesures proactives pour protéger leurs données et leurs systèmes informatiques contre les cyberattaques, afin de protéger la vie privée et les informations sensibles de leurs clients et emplo

Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC, the largest Pepsi-Cola bottler in the United States, suffered a major data breach caused by an intrusion into its computer network that lasted for 27 days. The hacker installed malicious software to extract sensitive data from the company.

The security incident occurred on December 23, 2022, but Pepsi Bottling Ventures only discovered the intrusion on January 10, 2023, 18 days later. According to information provided in the legal document filed with the Montana Attorney General’s office, the hackers gained access to the company’s internal computer systems, installed malicious software, and downloaded confidential information, including names, addresses, financial account information (passwords, PINs, and access numbers), identification numbers and driver’s license numbers, identity cards, social security numbers, passport information, digital signatures, and information related to social benefits and employment, including health insurance claims and medical histories.

We don’t know how many people have been affected by this data breach, or whether the information involved includes clients and/or employees of the company. This situation is concerning due to the time gap between the intrusion and the discovery of the attack, which allowed the hackers to have unauthorized access for nearly three weeks.

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Data breaches can have serious consequences for both businesses and individuals. It’s important for companies to take measures to protect their computer systems and sensitive data, such as using security software and training their staff in cybersecurity.
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